Living Room

A short horror comedy about the grueling effect of loneliness, isolation and performance anxiety in pandemic times.

Living room, GIF

A visual story about loneliness, isolation and indecision. What if the walls literally close in on you? What if that what is supposed to protect you consumes you?

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Our team:
Director: Lilia Scheerder
Johnny Mirer
DOP: Elwin Rijken
Filmscore: Nÿland
Art direction: Ton Scheerder & Lilia Scheerder
Scenario: Lilia Scheerder & Johnny Mirer

Sketching out storyboard ideas and film artwork for “Living Room”. More updates to come!


Have you ever wondered how it feels to be a second in time? Why does nobody ever ask the ovum if it wants to be furtilized? What drives a person to buy a mass-produced shirt with the words ‘be different’ printed on the chest?  Will we ever dare to go beyond the gas station at the end of the street?
In search of a way to create room for the existence of these questions, I ended up in a past where we would take our time to make a selection of what we would photograph, to print the photo’s and hold them in our hands (with our fingertips carefully placed along the edges to make sure that we didn’t make any smudges) one by one, to reminisce.
The quest for these questions led me back to a time when it was easy to lose yourself in one single image, one sentence, one word.
A time when a device still had the potential to amaze us.
Do you remember the View-Master? Seeing back memories in 3D? The feeling of control when you press the lever and the next ‘picture’ appears, while in merely seven images you lose your sense of time?
That is why I choose this medium for my poetry debut. It forces me to weigh my words as if they were photo’s on a roll of film. It forces me to make room for the fantasy of the reader, who becomes a viewer. To make room for you.
And that is exactly why I have Lilia Scheerder to shape the images that form the backdrops of my words. Because her work amazes me, because it offers time and space for these questions to exist. Questions that I don’t dare to say out loud, because I know there is no answer.
Retrospectieven (Retrospectives) consists of a View-Master device and a reel with poetry by Monique Hendriks (in Dutch) and images by Lilia Scheerder. Because this is a limited edition, reserving a copy is necessary. You can reserve a copy by sending an e-mail to
The cost for the reel including View-Master is 25 euro’s (excluding shipping cost).
Expected release is end of June.

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