Date: June 4, 2022

Time: 14.00 - 16.00

Location: Natlab Eindhoven

Finally, the day is here! We are going to screen ‘Living Room’ in front of a live audience.

Living Room is a visual story about loneliness, isolation and indecision. What if the walls literally close in on you? What if what is supposed to protect you consumes you?
The film tells the story of two lonely souls who rent the same room, but at different times. Once inside, they cannot get out. Slowly but gradually the walls are literally closing in around them…

Johnny Mirer

Director: Lilia Scheerder
Director Of Photography: Elwin Rijken
Music:Peter Johan Nÿland
Art direction: Ton Scheerder & Lilia Scheerder
Make-up: Loes de Jong
Light/Colouring: Micha Clazing
Production assistant/Clapper: Daan Scheerder
Editing: Lilia Scheerder & Micha Clazing
Scenario: Lilia Scheerder & Johnny Mirer

Produced by Hemelsteen Producties

Made possible thanks to Crowdfunding.

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