We are making a movie!

Living room, GIF

A short horror comedy about the grueling effect of loneliness, isolation and performance anxiety in pandemic times.

I will be posting regular updates on this website. Please stay tuned and check this link orĀ  the Projects page for more information and regular film and budget update.

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2 thoughts on “Living Room”

  1. Jakob Ahlbom is a Swedish performer who moved to the Netherlands in the early 90’s to study Mime at the Amsterdam School of the Arts. He has been making plays and choreographies with his own company since the early 2000’s. The Jakop Ahlbom Company is based in Amsterdam and they want to create a magical universe that combines mime, slapstick, dance, music, illusionism and special effects. The works often revolve around people’s often strained relationship with themselves and the world around them and the characters deal with a world that is not always what it appears to be. Characters become lost in magical worlds that are far more powerful than them and confront them, harshly, with their own impotence. Love is the only handhold as they struggle for survival. Yearning for it gives a powerful poeticism and melancholy. It offers solace and hope; despite the often traumatic events the characters must endure, there is often an optimistic tone. They do not engage with confrontation without good reason, because they find a fantastical world that offers room to breathe and an escape from the harsh realities of existence.

  2. Hey there, I am familiar with Jakob Ahlbom and I have very much enjoyed his plays. Would you be interested in sharing my project with him?

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