Date: April 30, 2023

Time: 15.00-17.00

Location: Albert van Abbehuis

Lilia Scheerder is a printmaker, performance- and sound- artist, filmmaker, photographer,
organizer and Drag King. Her work revolves around the analog, the black and white, the
obsolete and the dark.
Inspiration comes from analog media, silent film, nature, the inner self and the occult. Dreams and nightmares form buildings and interiors that, complemented by natural structures, feed graphic art, drawings, installation, photography, film and performance.
‘Schimmenrijk’ (Phantom Realm) shows recent work about impressions that leave a shadow.

Lilia Scheerder thinks The Albert van Abbehuis is a very special art space and wanted to make the most out of the exhibit. So she wrote the scenario for a micro short. Last week, we recorded the film in the billiard room and garden of Albert van Abbehuis, with contributions by a diverse group of local artists.
Visitors to the exhibition will get an exclusive preview as we will show the full short with live music during the finissage on 30 April. After that we’ll close the exhibition together in a suitable manner. The finissage starts at 3 PM. We hope to see you there!

Albert van Abbehuis
Bilderdijklaan 19, 5611 NG Eindhoven
Openingstijden: Thursday to Sunday 1 – 5 PM

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